A New Watcher

Dawn frowned as she checked the street to see if cars were coming. Hadn’t she seen that black one a few hours ago? She remembered the license plate – 2L8 4U. That was strange.

An hour later, she thought it was more than strange when the car was waiting down the block from the store she’d just left. Her stomach flipped as she walked toward it. Letting out a little scream of nervousness when it suddenly peeled away from the curb and barreled past her, she turned her head to follow its progress.

Wasn’t that the guy from the club? Anthony?

Despite the car being gone, she was suddenly scared. Why was he following her? She looked around nervously, wondering if there was anyone else watching her. Collapse )

Are you following me?

With Andrew and Xander out of the way – though she almost felt bad about shooing them along – Dawn raided Buffy’s closet for something fun to wear. She couldn’t fit into her pants, her sister had no ass to speak of, but there was a cute little strappy top she wouldn’t mind borrowing. And cute slingbacks. An hour later, Dawn was dancing along to some song she didn’t know, a plastic cup of beer in her hand. This whole being legal thing was pretty cool. Or it would be when she actually was eighteen, but it wasn’t her fault if the bouncer hadn’t known to check her ID for magical changes, now was it?

Ethan hadn’t really intended on going out clubbing—he wasn’t exactly one for dancing—but he’d had to meet one of his associates and this was the place the man had chosen. He sat at the bar, nursing a gin, his eyes sliding over the young men and women gyrating out on the dance floor. At least the scenery was enjoyable.

Thirsty, she chugged the remainder of her beer and, winking at her dance partner – a rather cute looking black guy with a nose ring – she headed to the bar. Sidling up to it, she leaned over, displaying just a bit of cleavage and caught the bartender’s attention. She ordered Heineken this time – she’d be less likely to spill it this time – and after paying the man, turned back toward the dance floor. She frowned when someone familiar caught her eye. Striding over, she put one hand on her hip and raised a brow. “Are you following me?” she asked Ethan, her fingers tightening around the neck of the bottle.

Ethan raised an eyebrow at the slayer’s young sister, standing dressed in some strappy black shirt that displayed her cleavage and a great deal of skin. “It wasn’t my intention, no. I’m here to meet someone. Never say your sister knows you’re here?” He smiled slightly. “Are you even old enough to be in this establishment?”

Collapse )

Are there mummies driving busses?

Xander slung his duffel over his shoulder and looked at the signs pointing to the taxi stand. "You got your stuff?" he asked, turning to his traveling companion. Why Giles had insisted on the younger man going with him, he wasn't sure, but it probably had something to do with the way Andrew had put flag stickers on the new slayers files to show 'at a glance' what country they were from.

"Hey, Xander, look! The cars are on the other side of the road just like on television!" Andrew said, his eyes very wide. He pulled his luggage behind him, careful not to knock anyone over or run into anyone. It was hard, because he just wanted to look around at everything. He'd never been to London before.

Trying hard to be nonchalant about it, though he'd never been out of the country either, Xander just shrugged. "Yep," he said, looking over at Andrew's suitcase as they walked to the taxis. "You do know we're only here for a few days, until Buffy gets back, right? We're not moving in for months."

"Well, I read a lot of comic books, and they take up room. I buy trade paperbacks, you know, because they don't have ads. I hate ads. One time I was reading this comic and there was an ad for some Superman game, and I was like, what! That's a DC ad in my Marvel—ahh!" Andrew gave a sudden shriek as he was nearly run over by a taxi. Maybe he'd had too much caffeine on the plane.

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Guess who's back!

Buffy sat at the bar, nursing her third drink—some concoction involving whiskey that was the ‘house special’—and thought about what she’d just done. It had involved about four minutes of adrenaline-rushing fear followed by a rather sad anti-climactic sense of “…oh,” when the Kelpie had trapped itself under the waves of the loch.

Why couldn’t a girl get a good fight anymore? The Kelpie was all right, but it was hardly even worth the effort. She’d have to ask Dawn where she got that spell; it was some pretty complex magic, but effective. Too effective, really. She just wanted to hurt something…was that too much to ask? Collapse )

Back again, are we?

Armed with new information that she’d got from Buffy, Dawn returned to Ethan’s shop the next day. She had very prudently not mentioned going out – only asking for more direction for her research. Buffy would freak if she knew who Dawn had run into.

Clutching the book he’d lent her, she opened the door to the shop. She was wearing jeans and a very classy – and grownup – black cowl neck shirt, pearl earring and just enough make up to make her look older. Not to mention really cute boots. If there was one thing Buffy had taught her it was looking your best made you feel really confident, and she thought she needed all the confidence she could get with Ethan.

She hesitated before she called out. “Mr. … er, Ethan?” she called, deciding on the more familiar.

“Ah, Miss Summers. You’ve come back.”

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Bookstore Surprises

Dawn waited an entire hour after Buffy left before grabbing her purse and heading out the door. She’d done some preliminary research online about water magic, but nothing beat a few good books, and since she had the Council credit card – and she’d give her purchases over to the Council library when they got home – she saw no reason not to do a little shopping. A new rare bookshop had just opened – she wasn’t surprised Buffy had completely missed the signs – and it wasn’t even that far – just a few blocks away - and it was still light out.

Feeling virtuous, she whistled as she stepped out of the building into the warm summer air. It didn’t take her long to push open the door, the little chime ringing.

Ethan looked up from the counter, a rather benign smile in place, feeling a bit irritated that he had actual customers. It wasn’t that he would turn down a few pounds—honest money was a bit of a novelty, really—but he would rather do without the tiresome effort of earning it. “May I help you?” he asked solicitously, wincing inwardly as he saw the young teenage girl approach. Wonderful. She’d probably want some Silver Ravenwolf tripe or something equally banal and inane. Luckily, he’d stocked a few things just for this type of occasion. Collapse )

We're Going on a Hunt ...

It was the very last thing she had to do before she left, and Buffy thought it was probably going to be the worst. No, there was no probably about it. Telling Dawn she was going off to fight some New Un-named Evil and leaving her alone in London?

There were several demons and a few lesser gods she’d rather face, to be honest.

Buffy contemplated sneaking out and leaving a note—Hi, Dawn, just wanted to let you know I had to go to Scotland to deal with something nasty and evil. Don’t wait up!--but that was the coward’s way, and she wasn’t a coward.

But Dawn would whine, and then she’d want to come along, and nothing Buffy would say was going to make this any easier. Sighing, she made her way to Dawn’s room and knocked on the door, steeling herself for the battle to come.

It was too bad they didn’t make weapons for little sisters. Well, ones that weren’t illegal, anyway. Collapse )